Telia: Welcome to 5G

Embracing the dawn of the 5G era, our mission was to design and animate a complex ad set for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, highlighting this technological leap for Telia.

The brief

In 2022, as Lithuania transitioned to 5G, Telia, a leading telecommunications operator in the Baltics and Nordics, aimed to capture people’s attention with a social media ad campaign.

Our primary goal was to maximize the use of the available assets and produce high-quality ads for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to showcase the new 5G technology.
This involved quikly creating social media covers, static carousel ads for Facebook, animated Stories for Instagram, and engaging animations for YouTube.

We made the ads more interactive by adding fun questions and organizing a giveaway where participants could win cool t-shirts designed by Egyboy, a local street artist.
The challenging part was ensuring that all the ads’ styles were consistent and that the animations aligned with Telia’s brand, known for its liveliness, colorfulness, and energy.

This project was a nice test for our team, blending creative ideas with careful planning. It was an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate our creativity!

Brands: Telia
Category: Telecommunications
Design & Creative: Adguns + SoMa
Animation: Adguns

The solution: static ads

Facebook cover 820×360
Social carousel 1080×1080

The solution: animated videos

Facebook post 1080×1080
Instagram post 1080×1080
Youtube teaser ad 10s 1920×1080
Instagram story 15s 1080×1920
Instagram story 10s 1080×1920

The highlights



video ads






ad formats




  • Creative & Art direction
  • Storyboard creation
  • Static & Carousel ad design
  • Video animation & production
  • Ad versioning & format adaptation

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