What services does Adguns offer?

Think of Adguns as your team’s creative production partner. Our skilled team of digital designers, animators and project managers collaborate seamlessly with your internal team as one.

We can spot campaign blindspots, manage massive ad production tasks without breaking a sweat and always bring a “can-do” attitude to everything we do. 

We specialize in:

  • Social video versioning, localization & format adaptation
  • HTML5 banner ad production and animation
  • High-volume display ad production
  • Static ad localization and language adaptation
  • Rich media ad development
  • DOOH (digital out-of-home) ad animation

Do you design storyboards?

Absolutely! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Working with us is the easiest way to extend your in-house team’s capabilities and increase the speed and efficiency of your in-house digital team. Why?

We use best practices to align our ad production with your clients’ brand books, style guides, and industry requirements. From the campaign’s key visual to the ad set storyboard and translations, various animation scenarios, and master animation — everything is set to produce an ad campaign seamlessly.

Our team can handle all kinds of ad formats in different dimensions and sizes, multiple language versions, and technical specs. We do incredible things with ad types like HTML5 banners, social videos, mobile ads, skins/wallpapers and more.

Take a look at our portfolio for examples of our work.

Can you handle
high-volume projects?

Whether it’s a handful or hundreds of display ads and social videos, our process remains consistent and robust. Our team can easily tackle 500+ HTML5 ad animation tasks and we’ve dealt with 900+ social video ad versioning projects with our partners.

Work with us to take the stress out of creative production – let us handle multiple scenarios, various ad formats, technical requirements, dimensions, and more.


What is a typical
project timeline?

The production time depends on the brand’s assets and the task complexity level.

Here are some estimations based on our experience.

Ad production or animation tasks

Projects run faster if you provide the key visual or storyboard, so we can focus on the animation and production:

Creative tasks

Starting ad production from scratch, preparing creative ideas, designing storyboards or illustrations needs a bit more time and effort:

  • Assets for a 10-20 display ad campaign: 1-2 weeks

We always push the limits to deliver ahead of schedule without compromising on quality. Partners we serve are quite often surprised by our speed 🚀

Do you work late,
on weekends, or 24/7?

At Adguns, we understand that sometimes projects must be completed at the speed of light, while still keeping the budget in mind. No worries, we’re your go-to team ready to firefight last-minute or urgent ad production tasks.

In these cases, our team must approach projects differently. This might mean allocating additional resources or dedicating a small team to a single job. 

For the added challenges and difficulties of speedy service, we charge a surcharge of between +50% to +100% of our regular rates. This applies to projects requiring late-night work, weekend work or superhuman turnaround time 🔥

What’s your

We know in-house teams get snowed under by high-priority tasks from time to time. And that’s why we keep time slots open for those urgent, “didn’t see that coming” requests while planning our projects one week upfront.

Got at least a week for a small to medium ad campaign? No problem! We’ll get the campaign done easily.

Based on our experience:

Want to know if we can fit you in? Reach out to us for our current availability.



the process?

  1. Briefing chat
    You provide us with the task + assets, and we ask questions to make sure we’re on the same wavelength.
  2. Ideas & insights
    We come back to you with a vision, and share our point of view and proposed game plan.
  3. Let’s talk numbers
    We evaluate the project price and agree on the schedule together.
  4. Prototype or the first draft
    Expect some demos, storyboards, or creative design ideas to get a feel of our direction.
  5. Concept ad production
    We roll up our sleeves to craft ad samples for your review and your client’s feedback.
  6. Final ad set
    We produce the whole ad set, run QA and seamlessly deliver the final files.

Already have the key visual or master file and storyboard? We can skip the first steps and move directly to estimating the budget and timeline.

What assets
do you need to start?

The more assets you provide, the better the project gets. You’re welcome to share as many files as possible, from key visual and master design to fonts, demo animation, ideas, texts, brand books, style guides, the media plan, specs, technical requirements and more.

From these we’ll analyze everything and come back to you with our ideas, concepts, and possible solutions for the ad production task.

Too much on your plate or drowning in files? No sweat — let’s schedule a call and solve this challenge together!

How should we prepare the assets for production?

Prepping your assets properly sets the whole project up for success. And providing things like the campaign’s key visual or storyboard saves so much production time.

Remember, we’re in this together. So if you hit a bump give us a shout for some help.