Workofo: explainer video

Schedules. Tasks. Timelines. Workofo, an AI-based workforce management platform, understands that optimizing workloads can be insanely frustrating. We were glad to flex our animation skills and translate the complex platform’s features into an easy-to-understand explainer video

The brief

Without hesitation, we hit the ground running. Our team got stuck into research to figure out how to explain this complex platform in a way that everyone would understand. This led us to script writing and storyboarding, then working with a voiceover artist before it was time for animation and video production.

But that wasn’t all we needed to do! Our team had to connect multiple dots: combine animation, voiceover, and all the elements into one eye-pleasing and engaging video that addresses the main pain points of the users, showcases the platform features, and includes a call to action.

Each spot we made highlighted one of the distinctive features Workofo offers to prevent modern employees from having a meltdown.

Have a look at the 3+ minute explainer video below!

Brand: Workofo
Category: Business Optimization Software & Tools
Design & Creative: Adguns
Storyboard: Adguns
Animation: Adguns

The solution: animated explainer video

203 seconds video 1920×1080

The highlights




of Sketching


Total working



Video seconds animated


  • Project research & discovery
  • Creative scriptwriting
  • Storyboard & Illustration
  • Voice-over recording
  • Video animation & production
  • Music & sound effects
  • Post-production and revisions

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