INVL: pension funds

Do you know how pension funds work? Most people find them confusing, and few dig deeper to uncover the benefits that are right for them. INVL, an investment management and life insurance group in the Baltics, asked us to create an appealing HTML5 web animation and video to make their benefits easy to understand.

The brief

Our job was to clearly communicate the benefits of INVL’s three pension fund levels using simple and concise language accompanied by accessible numerical examples.

Enter our big idea: a 2D animated house concept with three floors representing the three pension tiers. Imagine each floor showcasing how your money could grow with example calculations. On top of this, the house animation added the extra dimension of demonstrating the long-term effects of smart investing.

We approached the challenge purposefully and came up with a fun, crystal-clear and engaging animation. Production started with developing a storyboard, then interactive and responsive HTML5 animations to integrate into the client’s website.

Finally, our team produced videos with similar animation effects that can be used on various platforms. Take a look and see pensions in a whole new light!

Brand: INVL pension funds
Category: Financial Services & Asset management
Design & Creative: Adguns
Storyboard: Adguns
Animation: Adguns

The solution: HTML5 web animation

Responsive web animation

The solution: animated video

37 seconds video 1600×900

The highlights




HTML5 web animations




Total seconds


  • Project research & discovery
  • Storyboard & Illustration
  • HTML5 responsive web animation
  • Video animation & production
  • Post-production and revisions

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